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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

I'm In Skool...Cause I'm Kool!.....................................YEP!

So, I have enrolled in a trade school this fall...lot's of new experiences over the last four weeks, let me tell you! I'm having fun, learning new skills that will have a positive affect on my career, I am so happy.

But..I am still making lots of soap. So please don't worry about not being able to get your Curat fix. Only thing is, I have classes on Saturdays too, normally the days reserved for festivals and markets. Please purchase your Curat soaps from retailers if you live close, also there's the Etsy and Curat online store!

Thank you so much for your support and use of Curat products. I will post about the upcoming holiday sets that are sure to be a hit!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Wordle! You can do it!

Great idea from "The SoapBar" vixen, Joanna, who in turn got this from Celine of "Soaperstar".

Wordle takes your words via plain text or a blog and jumbles them into cool works of art. Here's more..

Via Wordle:    Wordle is a toy for generating “word clouds” from text that you provide. The clouds give greater prominence to words that appear more frequently in the source text. You can tweak your clouds with different fonts, layouts, and color schemes. The images you create with Wordle are yours to use however you like. You can print them out, or save them to the Wordle gallery to share with your friends. 

And here's the Curat "Wordle" art! As you can see, Curat is all about your skin! We care about everyone's skin, not just the skin we're in! Enjoy. 

Monday, August 8, 2011

ASHES 2 ASHES...a cult favorite!

When I first introduced this bar, I knew 3 things.

1. The product works. Period.
2. It's relevant.
3. The soap is universal.

So when "ASHES 2 ASHES" first debuted, it did sell pretty good for the first month or so. Then, nothing. Sales dipped way low and I wasn't getting any feedback on the product. I thought, okay....well, let me reformulate or rename this soap because something is wrong here. I knew it worked on me and my girls, but I thought maybe it's not working for EVERYONE. After looking at the formulation I decided I wasn't going to change it. I would just promote it as much as possible, maybe it wasn't getting enough notice.

And what happened next....I received great feedback! Ashes 2 Ashes is first on the list for many people who care for their skin and want to get great results from a product that's great to use and AFFORDABLE. i did reformulate the bar. I was concerned about the pieces of fennel, so I ground them a bit finer.

Most folks want to know what it is and what it does, so here...let's discuss the benefits of activated charcoal! Activated charcoal pulls impurities from your skin and absorbs toxins that your face is exposed to on a daily basis. Charcoal absorbs more poisons than any other substance known to mankind.   Activated Charcoal is charcoal that has been processed with oxygen to make it extremely porous and to have a very large surface area available for adsorption or chemical reactions. 

Prolonged use of an activated charcoal product like ASHES 2 ASHES, promotes clearer skin and vitality! I like to make a nice lather in my palm and apply it like a mask to my face. Leave it on for 10 minutes and rinse with warm water. Pat dry with a towel, add your favorite moisturizer and there you go! It's a great skin treatment to use twice a week for clear skin!

Curat Factoid: ASHES 2 ASHES was gifted to Julian Casablancas..lead singer of THE STROKES..

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Stiletto Black Debut!

Stiletto Black makes it's debut later this month, and i know many of you have been patiently waiting to round out your Stiletto Collections! 

Black is a sensuous and exotic blend of orchid, dark chocolate, patchouli, black currant, KUSH, nectarine, vanilla and ylan-ylang. 

A warm blend of woods and resins make this fragrance complete. You will want more........

Red and White will be back soon too! There's been so much going on in the world of Curat, but now that I have my workload figured out all the soaps will be available all the time. Fingers crossed! LOL

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Pre-Sale Offer!

Get them while the getting is GOOD!! I have finally rounded out the ORIGINAL 27 lineup and you can also celebrate...I am offering the last three bars at a nice discount! You will receive Pepperton, Ouija & Alabaster for only $13! THIS OFFER ENDS SOON - SO SECURE YOURS TODAYCLICK HERE

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Curat Has Clay!

Clay soaps have always been a favorite of mine. Remember, I’m also a freelance makeup artist. I have seen and used many a great product with clay in the ingredient list. Most favorable were the handmade European clay soaps. Also, hand blended clay masks from Israel. Just wonderful products, but the costs are pretty expensive too, especially with the shipping from over seas. Unless you’re a shop owner or have 100 friends wanting the same product, it’s not worth it.

Well, I have been thinking about doing a clay soap for awhile now, not just using the clay as a colorant, but really focusing in on it’s healing benefits and incorporating them into a well-rounded soap. I have decided, what the heck, I’m making them! And I have really enjoyed formulating the bars.  I tried to pay attention to the wants and needs of my clients and make clay bars that are pretty universal. Appealing to more than two categories is key for Curat, and hopefully I have achieved this task.

Below you will see a couple pre-debut ads for both soaps. I have a white clay soap called “Alabaster” and a red clay soap I named “Ouija”. Both are contemporary in scent and ingredients.  With all my products, I want the clients to know the benefits of ingredients. 

I don’t use a certain herb or property just because it’s the trend, the hip thing to do. I want to use ingredients because it’s relative to a need, can withstand trends and finally, it’s a universal product. That’s just the way I feel. Hopefully you can agree….or not! So below I'm including a wonderful and simple look into the clays that are commonly used in bath and beauty products. I ran across this article some time ago, and really like it. So enjoy getting to know the assortment of clays and their primary benefits.

(Taken from “Adding Clay To Soap” an article written by IrisFuchs)

French Green Clay
French Green clay originates from quarries in France. When used in soap making, it is added as a natural colorant. French Green clay has very high levels of absorbance. Its molecular structure allows it to absorb oil, dirt and toxins from the skin. It balances oily skin to normal pH levels. It can be used daily on local acne spots and in facial masks. Oily hair may benefit from using this clay when added to hair products.

Bentonite Clay 
Bentonite clay originates from volcanic ash sediments in the United States. It is known as a soft, moisturizing clay. When a facial mask of this clay is applied to the skin, it draws and absorbs oil, leaving the skin pure and invigorated. It is also used as a mineral supplement when it is taken orally (by eating).

White Kaolin Clay
White Kaolin is the most gentle and fine clay. When it is added to facial masks, it works as an exfoliate and helps promote blood circulation. Because it is light and absorbent, it is added to many cosmetic products such as facial masks, deodorants, powders, soaps and more.

Rhassul Clay
Rhassul clay originates in Morocco. Since it is very rich in minerals, it is added into spas all over the world. This type of clay is known to smoothen, relax and rejuvenate the skin.

Fuller's Earth Clay 
Because its natural properties are to draw oil from the skin, Fuller's Earth Clay works best as a cleanser for oily skin and acne. Another property of this clay is its ability to tone down the skin and lighten it. It can be found in facial products that help achieve a consistent skin tone.

Rose and Red Clay
Both rose and red clays are added to facial masks and soaps. They work great as exfoliates for the face and body.

Clay, is an available natural resource which is mined or picked from the earth and benefits us wonderfully when it is added to soap and cosmetics products. It is rich in minerals, absorbs oil from the skin and revives and purifies the skin. Clay can also be used in soap as a natural colorant. Clay is a great choice for an exfoliate when adding it to soap. Some clays have properties which draw oil from the skin and normalize its level. Some "drink" the oil, soak it and remove it. Other types of clay help with normal, dry and sensitive skin. Clay cleans the skin, promotes blood circulation and invigorates the skin.  (Article Source:

Monday, July 25, 2011

The Curat Blog Received An AWARD!!!

This weekend I was notified by Joanna Schmidt writer for The Soap Bar Blog that I received an award! I was happy, surprised and inspired. So I graciously accepted the "Versatile Blogger" award and here it is:

I'm delighted to receive this award, and accept the following rules to keep it.

The rules are:
1. Make a post and link it back to the person who gave you the award (and include their website address)
2. Share 7 random things about yourself
3. Award 7 recently discovered bloggers with this award and contact them to let them know they have won

7 Random Things About ME:

1.  I like all kinds of music, favorites being gangster rap and Japanese flute.

2.  I studied music and am a coloratura soprano. My vocal range at one time was FC!

3.  I love all food. Any food, I love it! But my favorite is Polish food.

4.  I did the makeup for my mother and my grandmother for their burials.

5.  I can paint and customize graphics on a car.

6.  I used to work as a Sous Chef for 4 years. My career started in the
     kitchen of Essential Edibles, and now Becky and John are running DUOS!

7.  I am obsessed with Armand Assante. And when I meet him, I will kiss him all over.

Okay, so know that you know a little about myself, I would like to pass this award onto the following fabulous bloggers. All of them are top-notch people and the blogs are totally relevant!

Rusty Redenbacher at "Risin". Rusty is a local celeb DJ and has real flava. He takes on the provocative and the relative subjects that not only takes on music, but life in general. He's a unique cat with something to say and you'll love or hate it. But that's the cool and awesome thing about Rusty!

Martha Latta at "The Sunday Afternoon Housewife". A universal crafter, and our triumphant representative in the craft world, Martha keeps everyone informed on new findings, business practices, and not to mention some wonderful jewelry! You'll love her hip offerings.

Elise at "Romantic Hippie". Elise writes about ways to make your home beautiful, your spirit lifted and shares her experiences in a light and colorful way. Her blog is a joy to read and she is pretty too! Everything from home items to great food along with easy recipes. A well rounded lifestyle blog!

Tiffany & Kelly, the lovely ladies of "Pretty Indy" blog. These chics are up on fashion and beauty in a major way! Get the latest news on what's hot and what's on it's way out. Trendsetting and giving tips on how to live happily and pretty in your own world.  They have guest bloggers and also weekly giveaways so bookmark these two and check them out daily!

Jenny Elig's newest offering in the blog world, "Cat On A Unicorn". A look into the awesome, wicked and colorful world of Pop Culture. Jenny has been a fashion writer for years and most notable on the fashion/beauty scene. Her stories have been picked up by USA Today and many other newspapers! Can't wait for her to debut, and a little birdie tells me an upcoming post is "Big Fat Gypsie Weddings"!!

Amy Warden at "Great Cakes Soapworks". Amy is a well-rounded lady with a dear family that she loves to feature along with some darn amazing soaps too! Her soaps are pretty, and well made. Her family is a happy group of campers and I love reading about what's going on in their world. From pickling watermelon rinds, to showing off her latest soapy creations, she lives a fun life and I can tell by her posts that she's a great lady!

And to round out the 7, Steve at "Soap Making Supplies Blog"! Steve is a main player in the world of soap, and suppliers of soaping materials. His blog is very informative and great not only for soapcrafters, but for the general public who wants to know more about the way handcrafted soap is made. He gives wonderful tutorials along with great photos. You can also browse the soapmaker's forum, there's links to it and Steve's company "Soap Making Resource" via the blog.

Again, I am honored to receive this award, and hopefully all the blogs mentioned above will accept this and run with it!  A huge thanks to Joanna at Product Body, writer of "The Soap Bar" blog for bestowing me with this privilege.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Curat Girl!

When I started Curat soaps, I wanted to have a Curat Girl.  Products in the past always had a girl or a guy to represent the quality, integrity and livelihood of a brand, and I wanted this also for the soap line.  

My intentions were to have many faces representing Curat-Romania, because Curat is made for everyone everywhere. But in time, I focused on one face to represent the brand. Melissa Gladney is the current Curat Girl. She represents the spirit of Curat extremely well and she is so approachable too!  This for me is very important because I want it clear that everyone can enjoy the soap no matter who you are or where you're from. I do want to update photos of Melissa and this was my intentions last year, but I was very busy and yada yada yada.  Hopefully there will be some fresh photos of Melissa very soon!

The original Curat Girl was Morgan.  Currently she is represented by the Helen Wells Agency here in Indiana and has been the face of many great companies in fashion and beauty.

For both photos I did the styling and concept. I'm a freelance makeup artist and I really enjoyed these projects a lot. The photographer for Morgan's ad is Dave Fulton. The photographer for Melissa's ad is Matthew Bowen, both based here in Indiana. 
If you would like to see more of my work as a makeup artist, my portfolio can be viewed here: M Renee

Ads For Curat Soaps.....

I love the show "Mad Men". The world of advertising used to be so sexy and glamorous. Cocktails at lunch, beautiful people in offices made of glass...but in the world of Curat there's only one. ME, and these are the latest Curat-Romania ads. Enjoy!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Champas Are Sooooo Great!

Okay, so if you're a Curat soap user, you know about the champa soaps that I have been making. If you don't, oh my you're missing some goodness!  The original champ soap that started it all is "Champion Nag Champa". Many people love it and a few had posed the question " will you be making more varieties of champas?"

More champas. I dwelled on this for a few months and looked up suppliers of champa oils and found many wonderful types from different countries. One champa scent that I adore is the Golokal Champa from India. It's very complex in depth and I love the sweetness it has. I burn this incense everyday in my home I love it so much. I tried to find an oil similar to this when creating "Champion Nag Champa" over a year ago but couldn't get it in the oil form. So my second choice was the ever famous Sai Baba brand of nag Champa in the famous blue bottle and this is why the soap is blue. It is rich and smooth in fragrance with a nice warm finish.

Recently I have been playing around with this type of fragrance and adding my own twist to it. The first one I came up with was "Apricot Champa" and it was a huge hit. Selling out in a month and receiving great feedback to boot. It was offered as a Limited-Edition and  many of my clients are upset because it's no longer available. To make up for the void I created "Sultan" collaborating with my fiance, Prashant Katoch. The soap was a marvelous hit and sold out as quick as the first. "Sultan" was a nectarine and lime champa, heightened with Indian herbal notes. The bar was cut extremely generous and was meant to share.

 "Sultan 2" will make it's debut this fall, so be on the look.  Currently "Rose Imperial Champa" is making a big splash!  I again went to the original nag champa blend and tweaked it to make a nice rose blend that many folks are loving. Even if you're not big on florals, you will be amazed with this bar. Instead of using a heady red rose I went for the sparkling white and pink rose notes, and topped it with a vertiver vanilla blend. VERTIVER? In a CHAMPA? Yes, I know, but it works. The vertiver calms the rose just enough to bring the richness forward.  It's a great blend, but also Limited-Edition. Sorry, but I have a lot of champas to cover!
You can find it here along with other great Limited-Edition soaps: Rose Imperial Champa

If you are a "Champa Head", I hope you have enjoyed the blends I've been offering. Give me some suggestions on future blends too. I love to hear feedback. Till next time,


Saturday, June 11, 2011 you local Service Provider!!

People have told me that I should sell my rebatch soap. I took a year's worth of scraps, yes you read correct, a year's worth! I take them and make big hunks of soap. The average bock is 10 oz, great for my family to use all year. It contains every soap I have ever made. Even scapings from my soap pot, yep, I keep that too! I posted photos of the soap on FaceBook and folks really liked it. A couple said that I should sell them. I really doubted I could sell this soap, I mean it's patchwork look, and all the smells cancel each other out, so there's no "focus" in the soap. But it lather's and cleans like no body's business! Moisturizing and fun to use too.

Okay, so I put this to the test today at the Women's Health and Wellness event at the Jewish Community Center. This is what they look like..

So guess what...I SOLD A FEW! Yep,you never know until you try it right!

I call these soaps "Service Providers" and wrap them in ads from the Yellow Pages!
They are here to provide a service for get you clean! The bars range in size from 10.5 to 11.20 ounces per bar, and they sell for only $4.00!! A great value!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


YES, I AM OFTEN OUT OF POPULAR SOAPS. YES...I HAVE NOT MADE VODKA*STAR IN AWHILE...but, this in no way, means that I am lazy! LOL

I mean come on...I'm a mom, cook, go-for, and part-time hockey player. I'm a busy person for crying out loud. But I do think i can improve on my productivity a little more. Okay, a lot more. With that being said......

A calender, so I can actually know what day it is from time to time, is needed. Along with a schedule. I will work on this. First...because I want you all to be able to get your favorite soaps, and second, because I must stop my gypsy ways. The utility companies don't accept GYPSY DOLLARS so I will have to pay my bills with U.S. currency.

Any of you run across some cool looking calenders or day planners that fit nicely on a wall? Post pics!!

Monday, May 30, 2011

How Curat Soap Recipes Are Born.......

Recently I asked my FB fans.."What would you like me to blog about?". One person answered, lol, and her suggestion was a good one. "Where do you get your ingredients? And what inspires the scents you make?"

Let's talk ingredients first. There are a couple places I rely on for the best stuff to put in my soap. 

#1. GOOD EARTH!!! I go upstairs, and if I;m lucky...Jackie is there!

I get my herbs and favorite brand of essential oils right here. 
They have a wonderful selection of dried herbs and flowers that
I like to use. The essential oil brand that is used the most in my soap
is NOW. I love their website and how they educate you on the proper
use for their essentials.  Good Earth folks are friendly and informative.
They are cool people all around and I don't feel bad when I drop a wad
of cash there! About 90% of herbs and add ins I use come from this local


I have been shopping with Wellington for 6 years and counting.
Before I began Curat..I used to own Al-Eryani Fragrances. I like
their customer service and the essential and aromatherapy products
they carry are really good. I also use their coconut oil from time to time.
This is not a store...they are strictly web-based and products are
shipped from their Michigan location. Good folks to do business with.
Plant oils come from friends in New Jersey. I haven't found a company who supplies the amounts I need at the right price. Great thing is...I have pals who deal with thee oils and they break down the drum for me.

On to my wacky ideas for great soap! 
I love to eat, I'm also a sous chef. I am also a member of the Fragrance Foundation. CFSS is my title
and I am trained as a fragrance sales specialist since 1999.

  I use my knowledge of food and scents to come up
with soap combinations that are unique and different.
It sounds crazy...but it works! My top soap to date is Cherry Bombastic. Black cherry, paprika, chili
powder yerba santa leaf and poppy seeds. This would make one great cookie!! Then there's the recent hit, SULTAN. This soap really utilized both of my skills. It contains a custom fragrance blend that I made myself, and great foody spices. It came together really well. The next soap I am excited over is one that combines lime, corriander and black cardamom!  Look for it soon.

The one main goal I have for the soap is not to be a duplicated item....or a remake on a soap I like.  I mean, don't get me wrong, I use soaps made by crafters that I absolutely wished I came up with. But hey, it's THEIRS! They took the time and effort to come up with a winner and I would be a complete jackass to rip it off and change the name. One fave of mine..and I mean FAVE, is the ginger soap by Flower Child, aka, Jackie at Good Earth. I love it and may she be blessed plenty because it's a top seller of hers. I took the ginger and built a soap around it. THE HERBALIST is MY take on ginger. It's different from Jackie's and people love it. Her soap INSPIRED my version of a ginger soap. There's a lot of copy cat soapers out there.
May God bless them, lol.

Many ideas come from the way I feel,and my personal life. My soap is also my personal barometer! 

My friends can tell when things are fun and happy because I'll premier 3 fruity soaps in a row. Or if I'm a bit discouraged, I'll fall back on floral scents that remind me of my grandmother. My soap is very personal to me.
I am just grateful that cool people love it!  When you buy a bar of Curat soap, it goes towards my family's livelihood, now how can that not be appreciated? Exactly. It SO IS!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A Tub Full O Bubbles!

Lot's of bubbles...yet so little time! Where have the days gone, when we used to lounge in the tub and soak our cares away?  A busy lifestyle means less of this pleasure. I say it's time to get back to the tub!

Take 30 minutes to run a nice bathtub full of water and  just relax. Doesn't this sound wonderful! Of course it does, and here's a few make-at-home soaks for you to enjoy. Let me know if you use them and what the results are. Did you ease tension, get rejuvinated, had some well deserved time to yourself? I want to know. And this summer, I am taking a long bath every Sunday afternoon. It's a promise to myself that I must keep!

                              Enjoy Your tub time!

Milk & Honey Moisture Bath
 To a warm bath add the following:
3 cups of warm milk (this can be cow's, goatsmilk or even soy!)
3 tablespoons of clover honey
3 drops of sweet almond oil

Relax & Release Bath
 To a warm bath add the following:
2 cups of Epsom's salts or mineral salts
4 drops of essential lime oil
3 drops of essential spearmint oil

Energizer Bunny Bath
 To a warm bath add the following:
1 cup of hydrogen peroxide
1 cup of sea salt (can sub with mineral salt)
1 cup of baking soda
4 drops of essential orange oil
2 drops of essential lemon oil

All recipes are by Misty Al-Eryani. You can experiment with your own creations, just be sure to have the proper dilutions when using essential oils. Essential oils and organic herbs can be purchased at you nearest specialty store. Here in Indy, I recommend Good Earth. Ask for Jackie, she is wonderful and can lead you in the right direction with using herbs and essential oils for your body!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

It's .................................HANDMADE PROMENADE TIME!!!

Join 15+ local crafters on First Friday, May 6th for Handmade Promenade on the Avenue. 

We will be set up in the little green space directly next to the Dean Johnson Gallery. We will have handmade jewelry, soaps, clothing, art prints, book safes, pottery, housewares, hand-poured candles, and much more!

Friday, May 6 · 5:00pm - 9:00pm
On the green next to the Dean Johnson Gallery
646 Mass Ave
Indianapolis, Indiana

Saturday, April 23, 2011

I Love Uniquely Packaged Items................I DO!

So I am currently in the process of ordering packaging for the new Curat Balm. So many choices, so many directions to go in, as far as images and fonts and such. I have finally decided to keep it very simple and clean, with white and black as the main color scheme. Hopefully you will agree and like what I have chosen to do, but the most important thing is product results right? Right! I can say that the will love!

On my packaging quest I really wanted to see what others were doing as far as balms are concerned, so I did what every red-blooded soaper would do, I Googled "balms" lol!  One evening while surfing the net, Google gave me an interesting lead off into the world of hair pomades. I guess since many were packaged in the same manner as body balms, the search Angels wanted to give me a look inside another realm of creativity.

Do you use a hair pomade? Have you ever? Well, I do. I have a faux-hawk and it needs to be stylishly "hawkish" everyday. So into my hair, I apply pomades and holding pastes from time to time. What I have found are some really cool pomade choices! I intend to purchase a few just for the packaging design alone. Here's the neatest ones I came across, and if you know of others, please add in your comments. Enjoy the Pomade Parade!


Thursday, April 21, 2011


.....So, I signed up to Square (credit/debit payments on the go)...months ago before it was hip! When it came I was so ready to get rolling and accepting cards at events, but as I tried to plug the little square reader into my smartphone, I quickly found out my phone was a dumbphone. I have a G1 Android, and while it allowed for the Square app to connect, the reader couldn't. Yes, I know I can key in the card info, but I will be subject to extra fees so what's the point.

I have Square Envy! All my crafter friends have the app, the card reader in their phone and they are happy as honey bees with a ton of pollen. Crap! I love my Android phone, and really don't have the cash to fork out 300 bucks to upgrade, well, kinda sorta but you don't want me to go into a tirade about how the electronic sector of the world has chained us to technology and greedy communications providers making a ton of loot by selling a phone that costs 4 bucks to make for 400 bucks. And, they'll just come out with a newer model in 24 hours anyway! Yep, envious of my Square friends.

As for the service, i have used it with a friend's phone and it is wonderful. You punch in the total, swipe the client card, they sign on your touch screen and everyone is happy. Well, except ME.

I will go and get a phone it's silly not to, even though i absolutely love the G1.


Thursday, March 24, 2011

Revisting the Lush "Truth" email...I am still astonished, but I did break down and purchased a couple bath bombs...yes, I know..but I'm a softy for them at times. Just honestly speaking. Be sure to comment if you feel the need, I would love to read what you Curaties have to say!

What does "Handmade" mean to you?

by CURAT HANDCRAFTED SOAPS Est. 2010 on Monday, August 30, 2010 at 5:51pm
I am a soapcrafter. I make my soaps from start to finish. Oils that I saponify myself,the ingredients I add by hand(essential oils, fresh and dried plants & fruits, and dried spices)Some I grind by hand with the aid of the mortar & pestle...some with a blender or food processor. I hand pic the ingredients I use. I buy local, I sell to all. I take pride in what I do. As I meet and talk with many soapers, both cold and hot process soapcrafters...I get a since of pride and the desire to educate the public about the craft of making soap. I really felt bad when I had to establish the recent price increase. I was so happy being able to provide a product people really liked at an affordable price. Many of you still say that even with the price's still a great value. Thank you, I appreciate it!

Recently..I was online admiring the handmade soap companies who have broken the mold in the cosmetics industry. LUSH HANDMADE COSMETICS is one of them. I love their products and quite a few of you are LUSH clients. I decided to ask them a question in regards to their products..since they invite the chance to provide information to consumers. My question was simple and straight forward:

"Do you use the cold or hot process method to make your soaps?"

Easy right? Well I did get an answer. Very timely, very honest, but...way more info than I asked for.Today I found out that LUSH soaps are 'melt and pour' soaps! I was shocked to say the least.  But here, you can see for yourselves. Here is a copy of the email transmission.Now I have to the retail price for their soaps fair? That's up to you as a consumer.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

New Location Carries Curat!

Great news! Pogue's Run Grocer is a retailer of Curat-Romania soaps! They have Ashes 2 Ashes, Curat Spice No.2, Florala Cimbru, Spicy Peach!!! Pick up a few today..
Pogue's Run Grocer
2828 E. 10th
Indianapolis, IN 46201
(317) 426-4963

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Handmade Promenade Time!!!

Hey it's that time again, to come out to the Handmade Promenade event. This will be held at Luna Music and is aptly named. The "Record Store Day" event at Luna Music will be outrageously great! This is Curat's first appearance at Luna, although we have been at many a "Promenade" event. Hope to see you all out there purchasing great handmade items by rock-star crafters, and also pick up some great music!

April 16th 11am - 6pm
LUNA music Midtown/Broad Ripple 5202 North College Avenue
Indianapolis Indiana 46220

Curat Showed It's Swagger @ The Sweet Revenge Show!

This past week marked the Midwest Fashion Week activities, many fashion shows, forums and special events.
Catherine Fritsch, owner/designer of Sweet Revenge, held a show , Transformations, at the IndyFringe in the Mass Ave Arts District of Indianapolis.  Curat- Romania soaps were featured in the swag bags, on these minature bars, were coupon codes for 15% off online purchases! We were excited to be along for the fashionable ride. For more info on the Mercurious line, please visit : SWEET REVENGE
photo: Kathy Moberly

TIME TIME TIME..................... goes by so darn fast. Too darn fast actually,'s been a long while since I posted and this must be corrected!

So on the home front, we are rolling out in new locations, including LAS VEGAS!! Yes, and I will give the skinny on this wonderful location in a couple weeks, so please, stay tuned! I will tell you the name of the special edition soap though: Deuces Wild!

February marked our first year in the soap biz, it has beeb wonderful. Hard work, many helping hands and we are still here!! i am so proud of my family, mainly my daughters, aka "The Curat Kids". They have helped wrap, stamp, pack and unpack soaps for shows, completed mail orders, you name it and they have done it!

Looking back on the first year, I am pleased that Curat had media coverage, on the news and in publications, and I owe all of it to our supporters, YOU....the folks who purchase and use our soaps. One day I was in a market looking at hand-crafted soaps, and a lady came up to me and told me about this new soap company she really loved, Curat. I mean she was gong on about which ones I should try, and that's it's Romanian and the whole nine yards. When I told her I made the soap, she looked at me and said "you're not her, you're not Romanian!"...I laughed my butt was too I guess i do have a need for business cards do I can prove I'm the soapcrafter huh?!

Thank you all so very much for supporting Curat! Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!!

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