Get Some Rock Star-ish Soap!

Saturday, June 11, 2011 you local Service Provider!!

People have told me that I should sell my rebatch soap. I took a year's worth of scraps, yes you read correct, a year's worth! I take them and make big hunks of soap. The average bock is 10 oz, great for my family to use all year. It contains every soap I have ever made. Even scapings from my soap pot, yep, I keep that too! I posted photos of the soap on FaceBook and folks really liked it. A couple said that I should sell them. I really doubted I could sell this soap, I mean it's patchwork look, and all the smells cancel each other out, so there's no "focus" in the soap. But it lather's and cleans like no body's business! Moisturizing and fun to use too.

Okay, so I put this to the test today at the Women's Health and Wellness event at the Jewish Community Center. This is what they look like..

So guess what...I SOLD A FEW! Yep,you never know until you try it right!

I call these soaps "Service Providers" and wrap them in ads from the Yellow Pages!
They are here to provide a service for get you clean! The bars range in size from 10.5 to 11.20 ounces per bar, and they sell for only $4.00!! A great value!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


YES, I AM OFTEN OUT OF POPULAR SOAPS. YES...I HAVE NOT MADE VODKA*STAR IN AWHILE...but, this in no way, means that I am lazy! LOL

I mean come on...I'm a mom, cook, go-for, and part-time hockey player. I'm a busy person for crying out loud. But I do think i can improve on my productivity a little more. Okay, a lot more. With that being said......

A calender, so I can actually know what day it is from time to time, is needed. Along with a schedule. I will work on this. First...because I want you all to be able to get your favorite soaps, and second, because I must stop my gypsy ways. The utility companies don't accept GYPSY DOLLARS so I will have to pay my bills with U.S. currency.

Any of you run across some cool looking calenders or day planners that fit nicely on a wall? Post pics!!
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