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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Handmade Soap Is Great For Everyday Use!!!!

By Essential Depot

Handmade soap everyday for everything: Would you believe if someone told you that people used hand crafted soap as a barter to buy things at stores during the great depression? Would you believe that this type of soap was so valued among the ancients that soapmaking was an important traditional work assigned to women? Would you believe if we tell you that daily use of hand crafted soap means your skin is healthy, glowing and simply remarkable? Yes, all these are true.

1.General skincare: Using hand crafted soap is like pampering your skin daily. Skin is one of the most ignored of the body parts. We expose it all day to heat, light and dust and yet, never take adequate care to maintain it. The least that our skin gets is a daily bath or shower. That too happens in a sloppy and hurried way. Hand crafted soap makes your skin fresh and young. Regular use of hand crafted soap cures psoriasis, eczema and other skin conditions like dry skin, itchy skin, bug bites, athlete’s foot etc.
2. Acne cure: Apart from other skincare treatments, hand crafted soap is a great acne cure. Many dermatologists and doctors recommend it for acne reduction. The soap is said to cleanse the pores and keep the skin moisturized for the whole day. For acne, wash your face for about three times a day (or as recommended by your doctor), you will see improvement in months. But ensure that you use hand crafted soap without chemicals, preservatives or additives. Unscented, mild soap is better.
3. Sunburns: Hand crafted soaps can relieve you of sunburns in minutes. Place generous amounts of lather on your sunburn and leave it overnight. The sunburn may disappear if you keep doing this everyday. Experts opine that hand crafted soap absorbs heat better than commercial soaps.

4. Bug bite relief: Hand crafted soap offers relief from mosquito, chigger and other bug bites immediately. Like in the case of sunburns, you can use your  soap as an insect repellent.

5. Poison Ivy and Poison Oak cure:
There is nothing which offers instant cure to poison ivy and poison oak like hand crafted soap. Apply the soap immediately on the suspected area of contact and rinse thoroughly. Keep applying as many times or at least 5 times a day in that area. After rinsing place soap lather on the rash and leave it till the next wash. Your poison ivy or oak syndrome will disappear soon. You can use hand crafted soap to even wash your infected clothes/other fabrics.

6. Insect repellent:
Keep mosquitoes at bay by placing some hand crafted soap lather on bare skin. A bar of soap placed under the sink helps keep ants away.
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