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Friday, May 7, 2010

Curat Beauty : There are 3 soaps for a great face!

Everyone wants clear glowing skin, and Curat has 3 soaps designed with this in mind.

"CARROT MINT" is great for all skin types, and contains beta carotene, vitamin A and vitamin E. These are essential to to skin cell regeneration. Mint is a natural antiseptic, and also refreshes the skin. This soap is made with organic carrot juice, pureed carrots and dried crushed mint. It is a fave of many Curaties, and is great for the entire body.

"LAVENDER OVAZ" is perfect for sensitive skin. Many Curaties with dry skin also adore this slab. Although I made this formulation with the ' young ones' in mind, it turned out to be a wonderful beauty soap as well!

Lavender lends it ability to soothe sensitive skin, while hibiscus petals soften and condition. Wonderful for skin effected by eczema, for it soothes and has healing properties. I also use thick cut organic oats in this soap. Oat is a natural humectant, allowing skin to retain moisture. This soap contains both lavender buds and essential oil, and jojoba oil.

"ASHES 2 ASHES" is our detoxifying soap that everyone can't get enough of! I am very proud of the formula and can truly say, it works! I have struggled with cystic acne for many years and so have 3 of my daughters. We have tried numerous products, and have spent a lot of money for presciptive creams, cleansers and pills. I am glad that our skin is finally clearing up naturally!

This soap formualtion includes fennel (crushed to exfoliate dead skin and also helps to firm the skin) which refreshes and is a natural anteseptic. Licorice root is also added to soothe skin irrataion. But the main feature of this soap is activated charcoal.

Used externally, charcoal is unequalled for pulling pus, toxins and infective material from skin wounds. It promotes clear refined and healthy skin. Activated charcoal has a huge following in Japan and Europe, and they are obsessed with achieving perfect skin.

Hey!! We Have A Blog!

This is the official blog for Curat Handcrafted Soaps. We are excited about it, and hope that you will tell your friends and use this blog to find out about all-natural soaps, Curat and me, Misty!
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