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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Revisting the Lush "Truth" email...I am still astonished, but I did break down and purchased a couple bath bombs...yes, I know..but I'm a softy for them at times. Just honestly speaking. Be sure to comment if you feel the need, I would love to read what you Curaties have to say!

What does "Handmade" mean to you?

by CURAT HANDCRAFTED SOAPS Est. 2010 on Monday, August 30, 2010 at 5:51pm
I am a soapcrafter. I make my soaps from start to finish. Oils that I saponify myself,the ingredients I add by hand(essential oils, fresh and dried plants & fruits, and dried spices)Some I grind by hand with the aid of the mortar & pestle...some with a blender or food processor. I hand pic the ingredients I use. I buy local, I sell to all. I take pride in what I do. As I meet and talk with many soapers, both cold and hot process soapcrafters...I get a since of pride and the desire to educate the public about the craft of making soap. I really felt bad when I had to establish the recent price increase. I was so happy being able to provide a product people really liked at an affordable price. Many of you still say that even with the price's still a great value. Thank you, I appreciate it!

Recently..I was online admiring the handmade soap companies who have broken the mold in the cosmetics industry. LUSH HANDMADE COSMETICS is one of them. I love their products and quite a few of you are LUSH clients. I decided to ask them a question in regards to their products..since they invite the chance to provide information to consumers. My question was simple and straight forward:

"Do you use the cold or hot process method to make your soaps?"

Easy right? Well I did get an answer. Very timely, very honest, but...way more info than I asked for.Today I found out that LUSH soaps are 'melt and pour' soaps! I was shocked to say the least.  But here, you can see for yourselves. Here is a copy of the email transmission.Now I have to the retail price for their soaps fair? That's up to you as a consumer.

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