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Thursday, April 21, 2011


.....So, I signed up to Square (credit/debit payments on the go)...months ago before it was hip! When it came I was so ready to get rolling and accepting cards at events, but as I tried to plug the little square reader into my smartphone, I quickly found out my phone was a dumbphone. I have a G1 Android, and while it allowed for the Square app to connect, the reader couldn't. Yes, I know I can key in the card info, but I will be subject to extra fees so what's the point.

I have Square Envy! All my crafter friends have the app, the card reader in their phone and they are happy as honey bees with a ton of pollen. Crap! I love my Android phone, and really don't have the cash to fork out 300 bucks to upgrade, well, kinda sorta but you don't want me to go into a tirade about how the electronic sector of the world has chained us to technology and greedy communications providers making a ton of loot by selling a phone that costs 4 bucks to make for 400 bucks. And, they'll just come out with a newer model in 24 hours anyway! Yep, envious of my Square friends.

As for the service, i have used it with a friend's phone and it is wonderful. You punch in the total, swipe the client card, they sign on your touch screen and everyone is happy. Well, except ME.

I will go and get a phone it's silly not to, even though i absolutely love the G1.


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