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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Champas Are Sooooo Great!

Okay, so if you're a Curat soap user, you know about the champa soaps that I have been making. If you don't, oh my you're missing some goodness!  The original champ soap that started it all is "Champion Nag Champa". Many people love it and a few had posed the question " will you be making more varieties of champas?"

More champas. I dwelled on this for a few months and looked up suppliers of champa oils and found many wonderful types from different countries. One champa scent that I adore is the Golokal Champa from India. It's very complex in depth and I love the sweetness it has. I burn this incense everyday in my home I love it so much. I tried to find an oil similar to this when creating "Champion Nag Champa" over a year ago but couldn't get it in the oil form. So my second choice was the ever famous Sai Baba brand of nag Champa in the famous blue bottle and this is why the soap is blue. It is rich and smooth in fragrance with a nice warm finish.

Recently I have been playing around with this type of fragrance and adding my own twist to it. The first one I came up with was "Apricot Champa" and it was a huge hit. Selling out in a month and receiving great feedback to boot. It was offered as a Limited-Edition and  many of my clients are upset because it's no longer available. To make up for the void I created "Sultan" collaborating with my fiance, Prashant Katoch. The soap was a marvelous hit and sold out as quick as the first. "Sultan" was a nectarine and lime champa, heightened with Indian herbal notes. The bar was cut extremely generous and was meant to share.

 "Sultan 2" will make it's debut this fall, so be on the look.  Currently "Rose Imperial Champa" is making a big splash!  I again went to the original nag champa blend and tweaked it to make a nice rose blend that many folks are loving. Even if you're not big on florals, you will be amazed with this bar. Instead of using a heady red rose I went for the sparkling white and pink rose notes, and topped it with a vertiver vanilla blend. VERTIVER? In a CHAMPA? Yes, I know, but it works. The vertiver calms the rose just enough to bring the richness forward.  It's a great blend, but also Limited-Edition. Sorry, but I have a lot of champas to cover!
You can find it here along with other great Limited-Edition soaps: Rose Imperial Champa

If you are a "Champa Head", I hope you have enjoyed the blends I've been offering. Give me some suggestions on future blends too. I love to hear feedback. Till next time,



Tam Hess said...

Wow your Champa soaps sound amazing! I found your blog via "The Soap Bar" great review of your Pudge soap. Loving your blog!!

Curat Handcrafted Soaps said...

Thanks so much! My blog is happy to have another human reading! The champas are wonderful..can't keep them permanently due to time and too many products already..hope you get to try one!

Anonymous said...

As a Romanian, I am proud to see this website :-) Great products and great presentation!! keep up the good work!!!

Curat Handcrafted Soaps said...

Thanks so very much! Nicolae Dumiter would be so proud. :)

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