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Sunday, April 8, 2012

And here I am....a return from the long hiatus. It's been a long time since I posted a new blog, however, there's always new goods on the Curat-Romania FaceBook page so make sure you're hooked up to that!

I have been busy with lots of things, mainly cosmetology school, and for those of you who aren't aware, I have been a makeup artist for twelve years an counting. With the recession I decided to go to school for a trade I'm familiar with, Hairdressing, to gain new skills and connect with agencies.

Soap has not taken a back seat! Curat is in many locations ans of course, there's the online store that has been going strong. Blogging has been lost in the shuffle and that is about to change dramatically! Not only have I missed posting, but also missed the great posts by other blogs. My favorite is The Soap Bar Blog. Joanna is always on top of the suds, around the world. I had to catch up on her posts and photos, and what a wonderful way to spend an afternoon or evening. All the newcomers and masters of saponified oils along with sumptuous photos that you will adore are on her blog, so make sure you're visiting her spot every day or you may miss out on something fantabulous!

Okay, back to Curat. There has been a few great soaps made and new ones coming on the scene soon. When I last posted on new offerings it was the trio of Ouija, Alabaster and Mr. Pepperton.  Mr. Pepperton made a fantastic debut, selling out of Butterfly Boutique after every delivery. Men love this soap!

I am really pleased with the performance, but I hope that more chicas will start honing in on this aroma bar.
With the formulation, I wasn't out to hook the dudes on it solely, but that's the way it turned out. Not complaining, but more femme admirers would be appreciated, lol!

Alabaster has really made some headway in the beauty sector of's very unique and as far as clay soaps go, I am really proud of how this bar turned out. You know I'm alll about being different and giving you guys non-traditional combinations of essential oils and fragrances, so as a clay "break out" soap, not bad.  But once again, the guys jumped on thiis first, I KNOW....RIGHT!!  At first I thought maybe they were purchased as gifts, but nope. Richard E. of Miami had sent me an email about this bar, and he wanted to see it in a larger size. I had asked was his wife/girl friend/ lady friend using it all the time, because maybe we could do a special rate. He told me his wife used it occasionally but he was the fan. Okay, again, not complaining.....just thought the chicas would grab this one first too...wrong, lmbo. Thanks Richard!

Ouija was a given hit. I knew it would fly. How? Because after I made it...I didn't want to sell it!! Yes, it's good and I'm thankful for that. I will let you in on a secret. As a soaper, I get nervous if something will sell or sit. I've had a few bars that sat for the longest. Some I had to ditch making because only a handful of users would love it. One being Pudge!  Sometimes they catch on a little too late and I get discouraged. Ouija is a licorice soap. Licorice is not loved by all of Mankind. was a risk. I had invested in the essential oils and I went all out on this soap. I'm glad it's a top seller..Thank you Lord! And thank all of the Curaties who love this unique soap!! My favorite user being, Jenny Elig, the most vocal about Ouija.

So there you have it....updates on the last three soaps I had introduced months on to the new new!!

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