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Saturday, May 8, 2010

What You Pay For When You Buy Commercial

Industrial soap , soaps that are purchased from your chain stores that are not labeled all-natural or hand-made, contain high amounts of detergents. They can be very drying to the skin. When was the last time you used a commercial soap and not needed to moisturize your skin? Or, better yet, have you ever taken a shower or bath and noticed a white film on your skin? Especially your hands and feet?

Most people purchase commercial soap because of it's price. Usually 79 cents or a dollar. This is a lot less than a bar of handmade soap, but you quickly dismiss your savings when you reach for the extra emollient moisturizers to replenish your skin.

Now, there are also commercial soaps touting moisture rich formulations, but you pay more for them than the average commercial bar. Added glycerin and emollients do cost more you say. But here's the kicker...

Hand made all-natural soaps contain high amounts of glycerin that occurs naturally through the soaping process. So why pay more for a commercial bar that is chock full of detergents with added glycerin to soften, on top of various synthetic components to provide a 'luxurious' feel? Hand made soap IS a luxury to begin with!

Start off on the right foot. Buy handcrafted soap.

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